Straight Line Services has been providing patent drawing services to attorney's and individual inventor’s alike since 1991.  We like to think of the drawings we produce as works of art.  My team uses AutoCAD and Solidworks as the main tools to complete these tasks.  We do regularly utilize PhotoShop Elements and VISIO as well.  It does not matter if it's a utility, design, chemical, or trademark drawing, SLS have extensive experience drawing every type of patent illustration imaginable.  All work is completed in the USA by Straight Line Services employees - we do NOT outsource/export any drawing work.

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Utility Drawings

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Design Drawings

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Trademark Drawings

We strive to provide quality, reliable, predictable performance at a reasonable price every time.

Microsoft Surface phone 360217_02
Rapid Mac Cooker bigger version of Rapid
World Series of Poker
PK Grill Design - Portable Kitchens
Solar Shield USD487477 FIG 1
Manhattan Chair with Sloped Arms Drawing
Don Mosman 8891 Drawings_Page_01
Just for MEN
Squatty Potty
daytona coupe trademark
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Mech Sample 2
Helicopter Design Drawings_Page_1
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Edwards Crossing Bridge                      J. Szymanski


We have over 20 years of engineering drafting support background and would consider visualization, communication and comprehension as our strong points making the drawing task quick and easy.  You don't have to spend wasted time explaining how your invention works.  We understand your needs and thereby facilitating completion of each project that much easier.

  • Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks, VISIO, and compatible with most others

  • Patent Drawings sent via the internet using Adobe Acrobat-PDF

  • Prompt, predictable, on-time service with overnight turn-around when needed for your intellectual property drawing needs

  • Can accept any type of input - sketches, photos, any type of electronic file or actual prototype

  • Can provide editable drawing files as needed


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